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Critical Illness Cover

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Critical illness cover is a type of insurance that helps to cover the costs associated with a serious medical condition. The insurance pays out a lump sum if the policy holder is diagnosed with a covered illness, which can then be used to help pay for medical treatment, make up for lost income, or cover other expenses. Insurance cover can be an important safety net for families, as it can help them financially cope in the event of a serious health crisis.

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We have over 40 years of combined experience within the mortgage industry. Our team is comprised of expert advisers who are readily available to help you through the steps of setting up critical illness cover.

Insurance cover can provide a cushion for unforeseen events like being diagnosed with an illness.

The insurance policy will remove financial strain and worry from your family when you are unable to work due illness, allowing them time focus on their health.

We know that every client has their own unique needs and we work hard to find the perfect policy for you.

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